Quality Control / Research & Development

Quality Control

The Mission of RMCG Worldwide is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality, delivery, and service.

  • RMCG Worldwide provides products that, not only comply with our customers' requirements, but exceed their expectations. This objective is achieved by continually improving our quality assurance program.
  • RMCG Worldwide assures the capability to control and continually improve our processes that assure timely sample sign offs while still complying with all requirements that are primarily directed at prevention of nonconformance as well as detection, corrective action and process improvement implementation.
  • RMCG Worldwide uses a range of tools to administer continuous quality improvement.
    • Vendor qualification and on-going vendor performance appraisal
    • Internal Audits
    • 3rd Party Testing
    • Continuous system review and improvement

Research & Development

Successful Product R&D is a combination of creativity, communications skills and unerring attention to detail. But most of all, it boils down to experience. Experience in having most of the questions answered before a new product even goes into early stages of development.

The talented R&D staff at RMCG Worldwide combines decades of experience in product development, overseas communication and quality control to provide some of the most innovative products in the promotional industry. Products that our clients can trust completely to be safe, completely functional and exciting for the end users.

The R&D staff at RMCG Worldwide are constantly improving and streamlining procedures and technical skills in product development. They constantly push the envelope to create new patented products that help redefine the promotional industry and take advantage of the latest technology and trends to build proprietary brands that mean quality and distinction.

Case Studies

Here are a brief sampling of case studies dealing with the process in which a simple idea becomes a tangible product. To read the complete study click the product image or select the provided link.

Custom Made
Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles

Making a Difference with Style

In an effort to offer the consumer a reusable container for their product and make a positive impact on the environment, a leading water filter manufacturer contracted our supplier about creating a stainless steel water bottle to offer their customers.

Read the Complete Case-Study

Custom Made Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles
Logo Clappers™ - 3-D Logo Hand Clapper

Logo Clappers™
3-D Logo Hand Clappers

Making a Great Idea Even Greater

Building upon the concept of the hand clapper, a popular promotional giveaway, the Logo Clapper™ was created to provide sports teams and organizations a promotional item that would be completely personalized and become an instant keepsake with incredible shelf life. Not only are Logo Clappers™ never discarded, they usually make repeat performances at games and events which is a win-win for both teams and sponsors.

Read the Complete Case-Study


Genuine Leather Deboss
Luggage Tag

Initial Client Meeting

We were contacted by one our distributors regarding a series of genuine leather promotional items that would need to be custom designed to very detailed specifications.

Along with the request came a vector pattern file that would need to be debossed into the surface of the leather.

Read the Complete Case-Study

Genuine Leather Deboss Luggage Tag

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